Hello. We're Hunch.

What we do?

We do lots of different things, but you can sum them up like this.

Strategy is about making maps and setting goalposts. It’s the thinking before the thinking. You know a strategy is sound when creative feels easy.


Creative is the art of making emotional connections. It’s having ideas, painting pictures and telling stories that help messages get remembered.


Content can be defined as ‘stuff people like’. Stories, blogs, videos. The secret is balancing the blurry line between keeping someone’s interest and selling stuff.

"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something."

- Frank Capra

How do we work?

We use creativity and data to bring people closer to the brands they love.
The more you know, the better the hunch.

Hunch is an award-winning, independent agency specialising in strategy, creative and content.

Established in 2013, we’ve grown around our key clients and now have a busy team looking after some of New Zealand’s best-known brands.

While young as an agency, our team has stacks of experience in advertising, digital engagement, database marketing and more.

Our vision is ‘be the agency everyone wants to work with’. That means we make a promise to: make it easy, make it excellent, make it fun.

  • Thinking

    Before we start, we like to understand the core of any problem we're trying to solve.

  • Crafting

    Words and pictures usually need an extra level of love and care. We call that bit craft.

  • Doing

    No idea is anything until it's brought to life. That's why we focus on getting stuff done.

  • Making

    The best way to deliver the best work is to partner with the very best people you know.


Buzzword Bingo

Here are some other things we can help make easy.

"Reality is nothing more than a collective hunch"

- Lily Tomlin

Our team

Here are some of the people you'll meet on the way.
Michael Goldthorpe
Michael is an award-winning writer, problem-solving thinker and general enthusiast for anything that’s worth getting enthusiastic about. He loves nothing more than brilliant creative solutions to problems and puts that down to over ten years working in the best agencies in town. He reckons hunch is even better.
Emma Newell
Head of Account Service
Emma is a hugely experienced data wrangler and client whisperer. Strategically smart and unflappable in the most flappy of situations, Emma leads account service at hunch, overseeing key clients and making sure everyone behaves.
Kyle Morris
Creative Director
Kyle Morris is a creative guru who doesn’t much like the word guru. He challenges our first thoughts and leads the creative team to turn briefs into brilliance and bring ideas to life in pixels and on paper.
Matt Watts
Head of Copy
Matt is a through-the-line creative with a special passion for words. He’s spent eight years mastering the in’s and out’s and the do’s and dont’s of the industry – and now enjoys ignoring them all at hunch. Just as well he’s a genius.
Anna Reid
Account Director
From briefs to budgets, data to deadlines, strategy to spreadsheets – Anna’s our go-to super suit. Plus recently a new Mum, she’s become an expert baby whisperer too…which comes in pretty handy when Creatives don’t get their way.
Dionne Barr
Account Manager
Dionne jumped in to help out early this year. And after playing accountant, PA, executive taxi driver and more in the first week alone, it became clear that Account Management was where her true talents lay.
Sarah Stevens
Sarah’s always loved words. So much so that she’s already got an English Literature degree under her belt. Michael met Sarah out at lunch (where else?) and talked her into giving copywriting a go. As it turns out, she wasn’t half bad. So she hasn’t left since.
Vic Skinner
Easy-going, straight-talking, design-driving, mac-operating Vic brings spark to the team and to the page. With two decades of visual wizardry under her belt, she makes painfully complex things easy on the eye.

"The more you know, the better the hunch"

- Malcolm Gladwell

Our blog

Here are some thinkings and ramblings from us.

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